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Big changes are happening here in the background at Unfortualtly Adobe Flash will soon reach its End of Life. The Virtual Angel Tree has been completely rebuilt utilizing modern web technologies and a responsive design making it mobile friendly for easy access on the go.

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Where's The Angel Tree?

This Virtual Angel Tree site was created, and is maintained by Craig Dorsey. Arrived here from ORAU? Keep an eye out on Newsline for details on the 2021 ORAU Virtual Angel Tree.

Our best wishes to you for a safe and happy holiday season!!

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A Brief History

In 2008 I was tasked at work with creating a "virtual angel tree" to bring the process of holiday gift giving into the digital age. Limitations at work made things overwhelmingly slow. I took it upon myself to make it work smoothly and thus was born.

About was created to provide a simple yet cutomizable web interface that organizations can utilize for their holiday gift giving program. The original Virtual Angel Tree was built to use Adobe Flash Player. For those who remember it was beutifully interactive. However, as Adobe is planning to End-of-Life Flash Player in 2020 and the lack of support for Adobe Flash Player on mobile devices, I had to start from scratch rebuilding the Virtual Angel Tree utilizing modern web technologies and a resposive design. These changes have made a big difference allowing users to access the Virtual Angel Trees from anywhere they have an internet connection, most importantly their mobile devices, such as an iPhone.

Feedback has been good reguarding the core changes to both the public facing side as well as the improved administrative tools for managing the gift giving programs. I continue to make improvements, add ability to customize, and other useful features on both fronts. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at Dorsey dot Craig at Gmail dot com.

Thanks for stopping by and have a safe and happy holiday season all year round.